Monday, July 04, 2005

Lying-ass Cops; Resign, Chief Johnson!


If Palo Alto police are correct, some of the teenage anarchists who paraded in downtown Palo Alto a week ago were prepared to go medieval on someone. Police Chief Lynne Johnson said police found a wooden club with a nail protruding from one end, stashed downtown ahead of the demonstration.

But anarchists gathered on Lytton Plaza that night scoffed at the notion, dismissing it as police propaganda.

So Internal Affairs asked the chief this week if we could take a peek at the weapon, which medieval warriors would have called a ``mace.'' But, alas, the chief said it had been thrown away. No photos, either.

``There was no arrest, no crime associated with it, the event's over,'' the chief said. ``We don't have any reason to keep it.''"

Lying-ass mf's.

They get letters:

Why did you do it? Seriously? Just couldn't have a peaceful demonstration of anarchists in your town without pulling out the propaganda? You think you can just throw out any garbage you want and people will buy it? A board with a nail in it? Planted ahead of the march? You think your J. Edgar Hoover out there in Palo Alto? Listen - don't even try it. You've failed miserably in your attempt to mislead the public. Don't do it again.

And now it's time for someone to suffer the consequences for misleading the public. It's time for your to step down, Chief Johnson.

Was it worth it? Lying to the public? Lying to the press? Your police chief now looks like a conniving idiot. And for what? So you could set the public's perception of the 'violent demonstrators' in case you had to beat down a few teenagers? Pathetic.

The dishonesty and hypocrisy emanating from the Palo Alto Police Department is too much to take. No wonder the kids don't look up to cops anymore.

Time to step down, Chief Johnson, and let the police department begin to rebuild the trust the community once had in them.

Fuckin cops. Un-fuckin-believable. They're a disgrace to Palo Alto, a disgrace to every decent cop on the streets of America who relies on being believed to be effective in their jobs. Fuckin lying mf's.

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