Friday, July 08, 2005

PETA Dumping Dead Animals in Dumpsters?

Seems true. But what the heck is going on? This case is bizarre. Not even sure what the crime is. Illegal dumping? That might make sense, but if you don't put the animals in the dumpster, where do you put them? The animal cruelty charges seem like a bad joke - guess the local sheriff's department either wanted to be sure of covering all their bases, which would be a good thing, or they just wanted some press because they're a bunch of right-wingers - guess we'll find out.

One, who knew PETA killed (euthanized) so many animals? Not I. That fact alone doesn't the whole story make, but it is important. It seems quite a few other people, including government officials, were under the same impression. I suppose it wouldn't be the best public affairs strategy - to annouce you're going to off a bunch of innocent animals - but seems like PETA hasn't been as honest with the public as they should have been.

Right-wing propaganda outfits like the Center for Consumer Freedom have been jumping on PETA for this, but in this case, rightfully so. I don't know the laws, but it seems like they were at least dumping illegally. This is one case where I'm basically on their side. A couple of rogue employees, though, shouldn't tar the entire organization. The question is, are there other rogue employees?

Why are the wingers after PETA? PETA is no friend of big business. They're always demanding humane conditions for animal treatment by big business, and that's expensive. So it's no surprise that the wingers are all over PETA.

31 felony counts is no joke...was there any evidence to suggest foul play in the offing of the animals? I don't know. Sounds a bit fishy to me.

AP report on counties cutting ties, at least temporarily...

On the other side of things, though, this 'Clubbing Baby Seals' clip will fuck you up. If, that is, you're stupid enough to watch it, like I was. So, take my advice: Don't ruin your night. Instead, go here and give these folks some cash. Or join up and give them some cash. Whatever. Just do something. Like the video says: Being heartbroken isn't enough.

And, that Running of the Bulls stuff in Pamplona Spain - what to say? Cool, but fuck - do you see what they do to the bulls?! J! H! C! Fuckin horrifying. So, check out the Running of the Nudes.

I can't support that shit. No way. I've known for a few years now the type of shit they do to the bulls - in bullfights - stabbing 'em and shit - but have never done anything about it. Well, now I can be counted a PETA member in good standing. It's a start.

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