Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Dopers Going the Way of the Dingo?

I hope so. Looks like America's top druggie sprinters are going to be 'goned' from this Olympics. I'm lovin it. Though the heavens fall, though the heavens fall...

UPDATE: Looks like the someone's about to publish some tough doping allegations about Lance Armstrong. The book, titled 'L.A. Confidential: The Secrets of Lance Armstrong', doesn't seem to be available just yet (or even listed on Amazon!). Something like this can't be good for Lance as he gears up for this year's Tour. I've long believed that Lance and most of the other top cyclists were doping, but how to prove it? Even the track athletes aren't actually admitting guilt - they're bowing out of competition and returning medals and championchips based on documentary evidence alone. Doing this, I guess, saves them from criminal penalties, possibly losing more endorsements though more negative publicity, etc. So, where is the documentary and other evidence pointint to Lance and the others? Shouldn't be that difficult for an investigative reporter to sift through some garbage pails, find some pill doctors, etc.

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