Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Note to Senator Schumer (D-NY)

Onto Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat New York, member of the Judiciary Committee:

Senator Schumer,

Please support Sibel Edmonds in her request to testify in public about 9/11. She has volunteered to do so on several occassions, and has even been compelled to do so via a 9/11 civil suit. Ashcroft invoked the State Secrets privilege and the Judge in her case has postponed deciding on the Privilege for a *4th* time! This is absurd, and it's an outrage by any measure of fairness.

Help Sibel Edmonds. Help America defend itself from future attacks. Help us all get to the truth. Demand that the DC Circuit Court make their decision immediately or demand that Ashcroft withdraw his invocation State Secrets privilege.

Thank you.


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