Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Freudian Ford Folks

Ford Motor Car's lawyer might have made a Freudian slip the other day during closing arguments. He may have suggested - admitted - that Ford knowingly put defective automobiles on the market. Several pending lawsuits allege such - with one woman injured in yet another Ford rollover a massive sum of money - $368 million.

One of the best scenes of Fight Club was when the narrator of the story (Edward Norton) tells the lady in the plane seat next to him about his job. Edward - the narrator - is an insurance inspector - so he goes to horrific auto accidents and sees all that's to be seen. He tells his seat-mate about the formula that his employer - a 'major auto company' - uses to decided whether to fix an auto defect, or just put it on the market and deal with the lawsuits. If the total cost of the lawsuits is less than the total cost to fix the defect, the defect doesn't get fixed - and subsequently, people die and are maimed. Nice. But the truth.

Here's a link to the Ford cars which burn alive police officers.

FRONTLINE has a cool site set up to talk about the SUV rollover problem - a problem with is not specific to Ford. Of course, the whole blame game between Ford and Firestone is only a couple of years old at this point.

If you ask me, they're all a bunch of gangsters. Why anyone would buy an American car, much less a Ford, is beyond me...

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