Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Note to Senator Kennedy (D-MA)

Onto Senator Ted Kennedy, of Massachusettes, member of the Judiciary Committee:

Senator Kennedy,

As member of the Judiciary Committee, I strongly urge you to allow Sibel Edmonds to give her testimony in public. We all have a right to know what happened on 9/11. We have a right to defend ourselves. Without knowledge that Ms. Edmonds has, we cannot be expected to be able to defend ourselves as effectively as possible. You know this.

Ms. Edmonds has volunteered. She's been blocked by Ashcroft and the State Secrets privilege - and I would suggest something more sinister - with four - yes, four - delayed court dates - this last one for no apparent reason at all. We can assume this President wants this matter - or Ms. Edmonds - to go away. Her life may already be in danger.

Stand up for our bravest Amerians. Let her do her duty as a United States citizen and do her best to defend our nation from any and all who would harm us - foreign *and* domestic.

Thank you.


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