Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Spite Voters Rule

Thanks to Political Theory for pointing out this article on how stupid white men vote for the Republican Party - even though they know it's not in their best interests - just to spite 'liberals'.

UPDATE: I sent a note to the author of this article just to say 'good job' and they offered to publish it, so I was like 'cool'. If I thought they might have wanted to publish it I would have said something intelligent. The title given to my letter is 'Bile Brigade', and I actually don't know what that is supposed to mean. You can find it here, along with a bunch of other letters.

p.s. This NEW YORK PRESS paper seems like it might actually be good. I just went back to check out some more articles and it's at least unique. I'm tired of the typical 'alternative newspaper' of whatever town, giving us the same old coverstory - usually with accomanying and disheartenly-desperate and depressing cover photo - on the local rundown homeless center, the southside drugs-back-to-work program, the community hero, or the latest police brutality scandal. I'm talking about papers like the Washington CityPaper and the Village Voice. Who knows - maybe I'm just generalizing - probably am - but this NY Press thing seems like a typical alternative paper and the allegedly-intellectual New York Review of Books. We'll see...all I'm saying is, don't put an amazingly-depressing cover photo and story on your fishwrap every week and maybe someone other than the goth kid and bored college student would pick it up.

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