Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Original Child Bomb

SilverDocs is a film festival put together by the American Film Institute and the Discovery Channel.

I went to see one of the co-winning movies - Original Child Bomb. It was good, but absolutely, horrifyingly annoying. Is that possible? I could recommend seeing it if you have a very high tolerance level for the 'artsy/farty' in independent flicks - otherwise, skip, and keep the blood pressure down. I figure it was named co-winner because everyone would have felt guilty for not including the 'H-bomb' movie in the winners list. Some good stuff - facts related to worldwide nuclear weapons programs - specifically testing, and its unsuspecting victims - including thousands of U.S. military personnel and millions of civilians worldwide. Gruesome footage of effects the bomb had on Japanese civilians in the aftermath. Rough.

I didn't get to see the other co-winner, Death in Gaza, but I suspect it's more in-your-face-type stuff.

Kinda odd how both winners are about 'mass murder' - as George 'loser-boy' Bush likes to say.

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