Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Note to Senator Graham (R-SC)

Because he's a member of The Senate Judiciary Committee, which has allowed Ashcroft to pretty much do whatever he wants to quash dissent. Graham used to be a prosecutor and may eventually mount a semi-legitimate attack on the Abu Ghraib perpetrators - we'll see. He was a prosecutor during the Clinton Impeachment hearings, but voted not to impeach:

Senator Graham,

I'm a USC Graduate now living in DC.

I applaud your efforts to get at some truths with this Administration's policy of torture and I urge you to continue to press for convictions for all those found guilty - including those in the Administration who approved of this torture policy, up to and including the President himself.

Also, as member of the Senate Judiciary Committe, I strongly urge you to allow Sibel Edmonds to tell the public the truth, via public hearings, about what she knows of the failings of the FBI, and of the 'semi-legitimate' organizations that are responsible for the 9/11 conspiracy.

I do *not* trust the judgement of Attorney General John Ashcroft, and neither should you.

Thank you.


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