Sunday, June 20, 2004

Portugal Over Spain! (1-0)

Big, big, BIG win in more Euro action. Portugal is the small neighbor of Spain, and this is their first win against 'big brother.' Portugal is going buck wild, and Spain is going to be crying. This year's tournament, of course, is being held in Portugal - so, nice for the home team. Another brief article about the partying in Lisbon.

Unlucky that the crybaby English made it through, but they'll get their final comeuppance - mehopes! Props to England's new 18 year-old phenom, Wayne Rooney, though. He's got talent, and seemingly a good bit of class. He's currently the talk of the tournament, and he's far outshining Michael Owen - who himself was once an 18 year-old phenom for England, but who during this tournament, has been lackluster. In after-game interviews, the younger youngster came to the defense of his partner on the pitch:

'Michael hasn't scored tonight, but he's set up a few for me and I think the partnership's going well. We just go out there and do our jobs.'

This was important because people are talking about removing Owen from the starting lineup. Whether it's right or wrong to keep Owen on the pitch can be disputed, but to back up your currently-struggling teammate is definitely classy.

UPDATE: The English made it through to the single-elimination round, but not the Italians - so now Italy have a chance to be excuse-making crybabies!

UPDATE: Wow. This is terrible. Now the Italians are crying. Disgraceful. Check out a well-written article by James Davis over at ESPN's It is appropriately very critical of the Italians for suggesting conspiracy on the pitch just to clear Italy's own lack of fortitude. Even worse than the Brits. Sheesh.

UPDATE: The English are crying again?! How many excuses can one football team possibly make? But wait! Beckham is taking responsibility? Say it isn't true?! Yes, it isn't true! It's the fault of the Spanish! Why didn't I think of that? It's so obvious. Those damn Spaniards! Thanks to The Telegraph for pointing out that England's losses were, of course, England's fault. Some on parts of Airstrip 1 seem to believe that the 2006 World Cup will be England's return to glory. flash y'all - Europe is no longer as dominant as it used to be; 4 of the top 10 teams in the world are from outside of Europe. And we all know about the dangerous Africans, and the rapidly up-and-coming Asian teams. Below is the current FIFA World Rankings - don't forget about #9 - mf!

  Rank    Team
  ----   ---------
  1     Brazil
  2     France
  3     Spain
  4     Mexico
  5     Argentina
  5     Netherlands
  5     Turkey
  8     Germany
  9     USA
  10     Italy

UPDATE: Portugal has lost and are...gracious in defeat? Unbelievable. And who better to lead the way than the youngest player on Portugal's team (19), Cristiano Ronaldo. I couldn't imagine a better person to show-up the classless English (Beckham, especially), and all the other sore losers. Ronaldo said 'I don't like their (Greece's) style of football but they are worthy winners.' Honest, and honorable. No excuses.

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