Thursday, June 10, 2004

Lawyers Have Heart 10k

This little ditty goes down Saturday. Probably be a good number of Run Against Bush people out there.

UPDATE: Great day. Great race. Weather was awesome - somewhere in the 60's. Most of the course was shaded - at least, the middle 4 miles. They didn't have food (bananas, bagels, yogurt, etc.) at the finish line, but they did hand out water and some grab-bags which had a protein bar in it. Disappointed about the lack of food. It's the main reason everyone is trying to get to the finish line! But, we got some exercise, raised some money for a good cause, and came a little closer to removing Bush!

UPDATE: I left my stuff at home on race morning and the race folks made it quick and easy to get set up again, so I had to drop them an email:

thanks to the race staff/volunteers who helped me get a new race number and chip just 15 minutes before race time. i was late and ran out of the house without my stuff.

yes, i mailed the original ChampionChip back in. :)

UPDATE: Forget to relay the message about my disappointment in the lack of food!

Hate to nitpick, but I didn't see any post-race food - bananas, yogurt, bagels, etc. Was quite disappointed. Most/all of the races I've run - including several this year in downtown DC - have always had some/all of this stuff. It contributes *hugely* imho to the atmosphere. I got a grab bag with a protein bar in it, and I got some water, but didn't see any food. Did I just miss it?

Still had a great time, but food...there's nothing like it healthy food at the finish line.


UPDATE: Apparently I missed the food - which was down at the lower fountain level of the Georgetown Promenade area thing. I saw all these people down there, just kinda walking around all these tables, but it looked like they were just handing out trinkets and other useless stuff. Plus there was a couple of *very* long lines - figure they were giving out frisbees or something. Oh well - at least they were giving out food. That's cool.


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