Monday, June 14, 2004

Letter to Rep. Norton on Torture, Sibel Edmonds

Her website:

Hello Ms. Norton,

I wanted to see if it was possible I could schedule an appointment with you. I moved into the district last year and need to know that you are receiving and hearing all of my correspondence. And with all due respect, I want to know that you are acting upon it.

Specifically, the torture scandal is keeping me up at night - literally. I want to push for an international inquiry into the matter because it is no longer safe in the hands of the American Congress and Justice Department.

I am also gravely concerned that Attorney General Ashcroft has gagged Sibel Edmonds in the 9/11 investigation. This country will not be safe until the truth gets out about who committed 9/11.

Thank you.


Hey, I never said I was eloquent. I hate calling. Shit. I'm gonna get a meeting, though, eventually. And I will start calling again. Feel stupid doing it. Hmmmm...

Did you drop your letter?

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