Sunday, January 22, 2006

Belafonte Continues Tirade Against Bush

All the Trini haters of Belafonte need to get a grip. This cat is a lot more than a Kaiso/Calypso-type singer - he's a true hero. This kid is all over the place - speaking truth to power. More like this, please:

Entertainer Harry Belafonte, one of the Bush administration's harshest critics, compared the Homeland Security Department to the Nazi Gestapo on Saturday and attacked the president as a liar.

'We've come to this dark time in which the new Gestapo of Homeland Security lurks here, where citizens are having their rights suspended,' Belafonte said in a speech to the annual meeting of the Arts Presenters Members Conference.

'You can be arrested and not charged. You can be arrested and have no right to counsel,' said Belafonte.

Belafonte's remarks on Saturday _ part of a 45-minute speech on the role of the arts in a politically changing world _ were greeted with a roaring standing ovation from an audience which included singer Peter Yarrow of the folk group Peter, Paul and Mary, and members of the arts community from several dozen countries.

Rock on, Harry.

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