Saturday, January 21, 2006

Clinton To Offer New Rules on Intern Oral Sex

I guess that's what the headline might have read just a few short years ago, according to James Bovard:

In response to the Jack Abramoff influence-buying scandal, Republican leaders are racing to impose new restrictions on the handouts that lobbyists can give to congressmen. Americans are being assured that the new rules will assure that their representatives are dutiful, high-minded, and devoted to nothing but the public good.

This makes about as much sense as if the Clinton administration had responded to the Monica Lewinsky scandal by promulgating new rules restricting how and when interns perform oral sex.

Power will continue to corrupt, regardless of the rules politicians concoct to collect money and favors from government beneficiaries.

I agree with the assessment of the junior blogger from the small town of Libertarian.

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