Friday, January 20, 2006

Cannucky Elections

Got this in an email just now (I must've signed up to some list), though it looked a lot purtier in my Inbox:

I hope the Green Party does well - I suspect they will. The Cannucky Green Party really seems to have their shit together. I'm so jealous. Maybe it's just the near-perfection of their marketing pitch, but they seem to be a class organization - and that's without me being really informed on what they're doing up there. And isn't that the way things work for voters - impressions, feelings. Policy means a lot to policy wonks, to those who would personally benefit from Proposal X vs. Proposal Y, but electoral politics, it seems to me, is about how voters feel about a party and candidate. Right now, I feel good about the Canadian Green Party.

I'm fairly disappointed with their 2006 Election Platform document (.pdf), but I guess it was going to be difficult to match the brilliance of their 2004 document (.pdf) (Best. Political. Document. Ever.).

UPDATE: I put the original text/html from their email right into blogger, but getting it to look right (Green) was too much drama. Sorry!

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