Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Young Women Alienated by 'Feminism'

Salon.com interview talking about how some right-wing blowhard busted up Kate Michelman during a Press the Meat show:

It was a blood bath. Michelman, typically an articulate, precise speaker, took a nose dive. Attempting to be nuanced and thoughtful, she came off as slow and confused, ceding ground to O'Beirne on almost every point, even talking for no particular reason about how many young women feel alienated by the term 'feminism.' 'Pull up, Kate!' I was yelling to myself. 'Sure, that's interesting! But now is not the time!' Next to her, O'Beirne was practically licking canary feathers from the corners of her mouth.

Thanks Ms. Michelman, I plan on using your wonderful rhetorical skills to further my own agenda, now - ridding the Green Party of the scourge of Feminism.

UPDATE: This (another) is a good article. I don't understand the jibe at Feminism - the jibe doesn't make any sense at all - but the article itself is very valuable as a 'cautionary tale'.

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