Tuesday, January 31, 2006

More Police Brutality

Another day, another victim. This cop should be tried and convicted of attempted murder, and sentenced to jail for the rest of his life.

It looks like the LA Times got rid of the original article - not just hid it behind the 'Archive' walls, but actually got rid of it. We can't be sure, but here's a followup, also from the LA Times:

Of Garcia's 10 shots, six went through a rear passenger-side window and four through an open passenger door. Seven rounds hit Brown

Garcia, identified only as "Officer A" in the report, believed a cellphone held by Brown's companion was a gun, according to the summary.

Listen, this was a straight-up execution - and most of them are. It's not even worth discussing whether or not this cop intended to do what he did - if anything, he's disappointed that he didn't kill the other black kid, too. Shame on the LAPD. Shame on Mayor Villaraigosa. Shame on every person who tries to defend the right of the LAPD to execute any black kid they want. Or to say, "well, where were the parents?" As this letter points out, upper-class white kids from the burbs get out and wild just like poor kids from the ghetto.

I personally don't care how hopped up those cops were on steroids, and I don't care how hopped-up they were on adrenaline from chasing down their prey - it's not a justification for murder.

The kid's name was 'Devin Brown'. He was executed by the LAPD. The question now is, are we going to do anything about it, or just say, "ah, cops are cops"? I don't recommend violence at all, but we do need to organize and figure out a way to resist these killers.

UPDATE: 7 white and latino teens go on crime rampage in Florida. They are not executed by police officers. Developing...

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