Tuesday, January 17, 2006

No Bomb found at Starbucks disarmed

UPDATE: There was no bomb. CNN and/or the police lied, didn't verify, who the fuck knows. What the fuck, CNN? I didn't think CNN would just make shit up, but apparently they did in this case. Fuckin outrageous. Losers. Updated title, too. Un-believable. I mean, this whole media thing is just like a big game now. Just make shit up and roll with it.

Damn. This happened on Jan 9, and I didn't hear a word about it.

SAN FRANCISCO, California (CNN) -- An explosive device was found in a Starbucks coffee shop in central San Francisco on Monday. The building was evacuated and a police bomb squad disarmed the device, authorities said.

My guess? A Bill O'Reilly-crazed, Fox News/George Bush fan planted it to get SF folks to be as afraid as Republicans - and therefore supports Bush in whatever he wanted to do, as long as he continued to promise to protect us - not that he managed before, of course.

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