Monday, January 30, 2006

DRUDGE REPORT - Best News Website?

A lot of folks diss Drudge for lying and obfuscating and distorting the truth - and deservedly so - but not often enough do they praise the good work he does do when he does it. I've often made the case that his slams against the Bush Administration should be more than enough to have brought it down. Today is another great example - here's a snapspot of the headline this morning, 9.15 am PST, January 30, 2006:

Now, this home page display surely has more than enough to give the Bush Administratin a major kick in the nads. If there existed an opposition party, Bush would probably already have been impeached for headlines like this:

The headline, 'BLOWOUT: EXXON PROFIT BIGGEST IN AMERICAN HISTORY', refers to record profits for those oil guys at Exxon, whom Bush and Cheney are blood brothers with. The problem is not that a company makes a profit, the problem is that so many Americans are suffering from extremely high gas prices while the richest of the rich - the oil guys close to Bush/Cheney continue to live it up. This is a direct results of many Bush policies, not the least of which are his invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. The Eagle represents America - it might even be a bald eagle, and the eagle's expression seems to be one of shock and horror. When the symbol of the United States of America is shocked and horrified, that it saying that the people of America are shocked and horrified - and if they're not - they should be.

Just above the banner headline is evidence of Bush attempting to drum up yet another war in the Middle East on trumped up reasons: "Iran's answer to compromise efforts not satisfactory: Rice..." This goes to Bush's attempt to get better control of Iran's oil, and the neocon ideology that runs through his Administration. This is a huge opening for Dems to attack Bush on legitimate grounds - at least a 'Wag the Dog' attack is necessary. But it won't happen. The Dems are not just cowardly - not only cowardly - they're co-conspirators.

To the bottom right is another Iran/Iraq/neocon/oil/poverty-and-desperation-of-the-American-people-type headline: 'Savings Rate at Lowest Level Since 1933...' There's not a much more direct way to attack the immorality of the Bush Administration than this. People are suffering badly - they can't even save the paltry amount that Americans usually save - but Bush and his boys at Exxon/Mobile are living lavishly. But you won't hear Dems make that connection - like I said, co-conspirators. Not to the same degree, of course, but co-conspirators none-the-less.

Dem critics of Drudge will seize upon one anti-Dem headline on the left as proof that Drudge never bashes Rethugs: 'DEAN UNDER FIRE FROM PARTY DEMS; NEARLY ALL CASH SPENT...' Why would these critics do that? Whiny-ass-tittie-babies? Got me.

As a side note on Iran allowing some type of inspections: mistake. There's nothing Iran can do, really, to stop America from invading, but the answer, surely, is not to do the same thing Iraq did - and slowly let America grope every nook and cranny of your precious country until America has finally had enough groping and decides that full-on rape of your country is what is required - all while you are forced to watch the grotesque display as the rest of the world looks-on in shock and horror at the display of inhumanity, at the display of power and sadism put on by the United States of America. We'll all feel helpless once again as the Bush Administration creates new realities as we are forced to watch.

They raped Afghanistan, they raped Iraq, and they want desperately to rape Iran. Will they get away with it?

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