Monday, January 30, 2006

Republican Are Racists

I didn't say it. This is so true - not only the part about Republicans being racists, but about partisans, especially Republicans, being able to dismiss any information that is detrimental to their beliefs. You give them information that George Bush committed a crime, and they say that the liberal American justice system was biased against Bush. That's why the Rethugs will just throw any excuse out there at all for their faithful - it doesn't really matter what the substance of the defense is, just that the GOP is willing to defend it's illegal/immoral behaviour. Democrats often avoid the truth about their politicians, too - no doubt - but the Rethug partisans are so much worse. It's really just about impossible to get them to believe that George Bush or any other Republican could ever do anything wrong. Just. Not. Possible. Reality be damned. Reality is irrelevant to these folks - and 'these folks' are probably 120+ million Americans (40%+ of the population).

UPDATE: Corrected my math - 120/300 (million Americans) is 40%, not 60%.

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