Friday, January 27, 2006

Google Disses Gonzalez; Called to Capitol Hill

Just so we're clear on why Google got called to Capitol Hill:

News of the congressional hearing came hours after another lawmaker, Democratic senator Patrick Leahy, spoke out on another issue that has enveloped Google in recent days: the company's refusal to comply with a subpeona by the justice department that would require it to hand the government extensive records about the way people use the company's search engine.

In a letter to attorney general Alberto Gonzales, Mr Leahy demanded more information about four subpoenas to big internet companies, including how the justice department intended to use the information while protecting privacy rights, and whether it planned to request further information from the companies.

It's not like the Gonzalez and his InJustice Department made it obvious or anything. Gonzalez must really want that Google info. Fucker.

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