Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Thanks again, Eric

Thanks, Eric, for providing me with some sexy images. I'm sure this happens all the time to major media blogs, but perusing Altercation just now I clicked a link and was directed to a website with a porn ad on it. I'm not too offended by a Basic Instinct-esque money shot now and again, but I suspect it's not something Mr. Alterman's handlers would appreciate. I figure most major media outlets - even crude ones like MSNBC - don't necessarily want to be associated with women squatting and spreading their legs so as to expose their vaginas.

Here's the relevant link, which apparently came from a reader's comment which was posted on the blog:

Name: Kevin Bartner
Hometown: Alpharetta, GA
One thing that France has over us is gorgeous newsanchors. If all the U.S. networks had anchors that look like this, their ratings among males would skyrocket for the news.

And wouldn't ya know it - rotating porn ads! Shweeeeet!

Thanks again, Eric!

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