Monday, January 12, 2004

Back to Covered Wagon!

Oh, that Drudge. He is a bit of a gangster, but he's entertaining, and he's right wing, and he actually publishes some headlines that are anti-right wing. That is unbelievable to me! Would you expect to see an anti-right wing headline on Rush's website? Anyway, I also like Drudge because he believes in civil liberties - you know, privacy and all that junk.

On that whole civil liberties thing, Drudge tonight is talking about the implementation of the CAPPS 2 system (Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System II). Referencing a Washington Post article, Drudge is not liking the idea of being colored a green, or a yellow, or a red. It's all scary stuff. So Drudge is thinking about his alternatives to flying and starts to exhort, 'Back to Covered Wagon!'. I love it! He was talking about setting out for the West coast (Go West young man!)in April and arriving sometime in August. Soooo great! Can you imagine? A right-winger and left-winger completely agree on a topic? It's almost too much to handle.

Man, I so wish Amtrak wasn't so incredibly inept! I think there may be a real business opportunity here. I'm talking about express bus service on some popular plane routes. You know - DC to Boston express - no anal probes! And no stopping at every East coast redneck town north of the Mason Dixon!

My favorite quote on the topic of airline security and the perfunctory pre-boarding festivities is from the ever-combative Jim Bovard. I don't have the exact quote but I can get pretty close. In response to an audience member's question about his rights when dealing with those dingleberry airport security personnel, Bovard had this to say:

Rights? You have the right not to fly.

And there you have it ladies and germs. I couldn't agree more.