Monday, January 19, 2004

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Another Classic Clip

The Daily Show keeps outdoing itself. This clip has George Andrews of the UC-Davis College Republicans getting interviewed by a hilarious Steven Colbert in his best John Stossel-type overly-dramatic-newsguy role. The official name of the clip is Daily Show: Helms - Right Out Of The Closet -- Don't be ashamed! Say it -- you're conservative and proud!. Apparently, the UC Davis College Republicans (who have since taken down their site), decided to host a 'Conservative Coming Out Day' during Gay Pride Week. Well, I suppose that lack of sensitivity earned George his smackdown.

Now, there are three really bizarre things about this video. First, George is not white. I just don't know if I'll ever understand a non-white Republican (e.g. JC Watts), unless you hold a grudge against the racist Democrats of old. If that's your deal - hey, I'm not gonna hate. The next odd thing about the video is what George says in his first two statements during of interview:

I am a conservative...People are afraid to come out and say that they're conservative on this campus 'cause it's easy to beat up on people, like, that are rich and stuff like that.
See anything odd in that? What does being rich have to do with being a Republican? Does George feel discriminated against because he's rich? Does he feel that his richness excludes him from the Democratic party, or somehow locks him into the Republican party? Is class warfare the only thing this youngster knows of politics in America? The last thing that gets me about this article is that George, other than having a Republican philosophy, which, honestly, I just don't get at all - is that he seems like a nice, decent guy. I mean, yes, he was either ignorant or mean-spirited or both in choosing to hold a conservative coming out day during gay pride week, but if it was more ignorance than mean-ness, wouldn't that save him from the 'a-hole' moniker? Sure, it depends, but this kid is just odd!

UPDATE: Here is the full RealMedia file for those without streaming capability.