Sunday, January 25, 2004

Charles Krauthammer: I Am Bereft

Yes, Chuck, you are bereft - of talent, intellectual honesty, good looks. But let us not waste time on the obvious. The country is searching for a new president, and our man, Howard Dean, had a bad day in Iowa last week, about which you have this to say in your column 'Paradise Lost':

I am bereft. I yield to no one -- not a single orange-cap-wearing, twentysomething vegan Deaniac -- in my disappointment over Howard Dean's Iowa debacle.

Sure, he was their hope. But he was mine too. Dean as Democratic nominee promised not just happiness but glory: a Republican landslide of biblical proportions...

Why, Chuck, would you attack a man who is 'lost'? Because he is obviously not lost - isn't that correct Chuck? In all your sarcasm you barely manage to hide your deep fear of a Howard Dean candidacy. Karl Rove knows this, which is why he included a couple of jabs at Dean in the President's State of the Union speech. You both know that money wins - always.

One more critique of your buffoonery before we depart, Chuck:

When the late-night comics call you "a hockey dad" (David Letterman) and "the Incredible Hulk" (Conan O'Brien) and "Mr. Rogers with rabies" (Jay Leno), you've got trouble. The most difficult thing to recover from in politics is ridicule.

Funny, I thought ridicule of politicians was fairly common. Maybe I'm confusing politicians with columnists?