Sunday, January 04, 2004

Holy frashizzle - this Kristen Breitweiser is no joke...

Here is a transcript of a 9/11 widow on Hardball with Chris Matthews. I've heard a lot about this lady and her friends - fellow widows and widowers (sp?) - they're in touch with the White House - probably because the White House sees it to their strategic advantage to attempt to placate these blustery ladies (and men?), but their time is running out - the widows, that is. Will the press hear their story? Who knows? But check out the transcript. I'm gonna try to find the video clip - but DAAAANG - she's tearing these people a new one. Seems like she's got her facts straight. Well done.

Key passage, near the end of the seemingly-short segment, with Kristen talking about what would have happened had the Bush administration warned the public about the imminence of the 9/11 attacks:

BREITWEISER: They would have acted more decisively. Lives would have been saved. I would have informed the public.

MATTHEWS: It sounds like the problem is at the top.


Boom. That's gonna hurt good-ol Bush. Let's wait and see if she ends up on the campaign trail with Dean. I presume, from listening to her talk, that she is not a Republican - so the GOP will be able to use the old she's a liberal-lefty-commy-America-hating-pinko attack, but I wonder if that'll backfire? Could Condi finally get pressured to resign? Wow. We'll see.

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