Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Someone other than Dean or Clark for President?

C'mon. Seriously. Do you really think that Deaniacs or Clark's GI's would actually vote, much less rally behind, a softie like Gephardt? Who, by the way, is advising Kerry? Kerry for President? Are you serious? It really is unthinkable. Who, outside of Gephardt's campaign team, for instance, actually thinks that liberals like me would vote for him? Seriously. We would have a third party running, I guarantee it. It would be disastrous, of course, and Dubya would win, but at least we could lose with dignity.

This Democratic campaign is not just about winning the presidency - in a way, it's far more than that. Democrats need to find a voice - any voice. Clinton said it best - and nobody denies its truthfulness - and yet Democrats still don't care to recognize it. Better to be strong and wrong, than weak and right.

Carville's book captures the mood of the politically-oppressed in the U.S. today - Had Enough? : A Handbook for Fighting Back. Who cares if we win or not - it's not about that anymore - it's about saving face. Shoot - I'd compare the plight of liberal Americans to that of the Palestinians. We've lost, we are under control - that big, nazi-like Republican boot is forcefully planted in the center of our backs, pushing our faces into the dirt. We've lost nearly all of our self-respect, but we haven't given up hope yet. That is what this 2004 Democratic campaign is all about. Self-respect.

Gephardt and other career politicians like Kerry couldn't possibly hope to redeem the Party - the Party cannot be saved from within. Of this, I am sure.

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