Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Dean is a Psycho!

I checked out Drudge, who, of course, had big, funny pictures up of the crazy Dean, but this time he actually had a point. I don't know if this recording is authentic, but it sure seemed like it to me. At the end of this little clip, Dean seems crazy. I mean, Norman Bates-type crazy. Too funny!

I got a link to the video of the Dean rant from the Washington Post. It looks a lot better, that is, less psycho, than it sounds. Part of the reason the clip on Drudge seems psycho is because drudge cut off the very calm few seconds before Dean's buildup, and he cut off Dean's laughing IMMEDIATELY AFTER Dean yelled 'Yahhh!'. It was a big celebratory meeting, and the 'Yahhhhh!' was a cross, it seems, between a 'Yes!' and a 'Yehaw!'. So, still a bit scary, but with the video it's much better. He's literally laughing as he finished his 'Yahh!', so it's not a psycho-type thing. So, as he's been explaining on the talk shows this morning, he was just having a bit of fun. Scary, though.