Wednesday, January 28, 2004

get your war on

There is a funky comic strip-type thing called get your war on that has to be the funniest take on the absurdity of George Bush's foreign policy I've seen yet. It's unbelievably crude and unbelievably in your face. The main characters are office professionals in their cubicled environment - all seem to be about 32 years old. What is so crazy is their almost complete lack of facial and body expression as they describe, in very powerful terms, using 'hip-hop' language, the latest horrors of the Bush Administration's 'global war on terror'. Maybe this 'expressionlessness' is the strip's author's way of telling us how desensitized we've become to the horrors of war and violence.

Here is just one of my many favorites:

Seems like there's a new strip about every week or so, and apparently it appears in Rolling Stone magazine. There's also a print edition of the strip.