Tuesday, January 20, 2004

YOU Think Spam Sucks?

How would you like to receive email telling you to prepare for your husband's homecoming? Oops - you found out last week that your husband was killed in Iraqistan? Sorry.

Piche (the new widow) said there are constant reminders about the homecomings. She was inadvertently sent an e-mail that went out to the spouses in her husband's unit. She e-mailed back, asking to be taken off the list.

Yeah, attention to detail for the whole dead-spouses-probably-won't-need-a-homecoming-party would probably be a good idea. I thought we got that with our gargantuan military budget, which is almost as much as the rest of the worlds' militaries combined - the rest of the worlds' militaries combined. Here's a brief snapshot - figures for some countries are a year or two are out of date - which means a lot to the U.S. - because W took office and the Repugnicans took control of all three branches - but not so much for other countries not fighting the never-ending global war on brown, non-Christian people - I mean terrorists:

Selected CountriesMilitary Budget
United States399.1
Russia* 65.0
China* 47.0
Japan 42.6
United Kingdom 38.4
France 29.5
Germany 24.9
Saudi Arabia 21.3
Italy 19.4
India 15.6
South Korea 14.1
Brazil* 10.7
Taiwan* 10.7
Israel 10.6
Spain 8.4
Australia 7.6
Canada 7.6
Netherlands 6.6
Turkey 5.8
Mexico 5.9
Kuwait* 3.9
Ukraine 5.0
Iran* 4.8
Singapore 4.8
Sweden 4.5
Egypt* 4.4
Norway 3.8
Greece 3.5
Poland 3.5
Argentina* 3.3
United Arab Emirates* 3.1
Colombia* 2.9
Belgium 2.7
Pakistan* 2.6
Denmark 2.4
Vietnam 2.4
North Korea* 2.1
Czech Republic 1.6
Iraq* 1.4
Philippines 1.4
Portugal 1.3
Libya* 1.2
Hungary 1.1
Syria 1.0
Cuba* 0.8
Sudan* 0.6
Yugoslavia 0.7
Luxembourg 0.2