Sunday, January 11, 2004

Boondocks on Mad Cow Disease

I'm not overly surprised that more people don't know about Boondocks yet because I haven't read a comic strip in, oh, ever. Well, almost. But I saw the Boondocks book in a bookstore here in DC and cracked it open - it was really good! But with that, it's kind of right up my alley - it makes fun of Bush, and it's very 'hip-hop' - or maybe I just think that because the comic seems to consist of mainly black characters - two kids and their grandpa, who is their primary caregiver. The older kid is an intellectual along the lines of Malcolm X and his little brother, while also intelligent, is more concerned with being respected as a thug/original gangsta/etc. Check out this one I just ran across:

I'm gonna venture that this is the main site for Boondocks.

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