Friday, January 23, 2004

TalkingPointsMemo down...

Must be hectic up in NH! What to do when our favorite blog is blogo-dead? ( (01/23/04; 12.45 PM)

UPDATE: wow - that was quick. looks like we're back up again. (01/23/04; 12.50 PM)

UPDATE: maybe never down in the first place. Using the URL with the 'www' on front seems to have always worked, and the non-'www' URL still does not. Will it ever? Has it ever? Should it ever? Is it even supposed to be the same site?

UPDATE: oops - now the real site - '' - is definitely down, too.

UPDATE: well, my workplace has been having network issues today, so maybe that's what all this website-down stuff is today? no idea...didn't happen with other sites, like the ever-dependable Yahoo!. There were a few cases and brief time periods of not being able to reach Yahoo! and others, but never a regular HTTP error response page.

UPDATE: finally - confirmation from the source. The site actually was having some trouble, it seems.