Sunday, January 04, 2004

LifeSavers rule!

I was walking downtown a few weeks ago and peered into a glass door and saw this really cool-looking sign. It was about three feet high and looked like one of those small sidewalk deli signs that advertises the lunch special. This particular sign, though, was very colorful - it consisted of a few different colored horizontal bars. I remember thinking 'wow. nice sign.' Then I looked a little closer and got a really good chuckle - it was a Department of Homeland Hilarity sign indicating the terror alert level of the day.

So, I'm not sure how this popped into my head, but the recent terror-we're-about-to-enter-police-state-land alert level increase made me think of this nifty little sign. I think I remember it so clearly because it was early on a rainy Saturday morning in downtown DC when I saw the vivid sign - so cheery in all of its splendid color. The sign was like this beacon of hope - a little bundle of joy - so colorful, so happy, delightful even! And I actually stopped and took an extra good look and saw that the little (black, I think) indicator was sitting at a fairly high level. I was so amused. Here is this colorful little sign - smiling at me - and at the same time saying 'There is a good likelihood that you will die today in some horrific terrorist attack.' I thought that was so great. I wanted one immediately for my apartment.

Well, I've yet to obtain a picture of said cheery little sign, but I thought of someone else that reminded me of that delightful terror sign - the LifeSavers candy wrapper! Check it out!

Then, of course, I couldn't get over the irony in the name in this rainbow-colored candy. LifeSavers? Are you serious?! Too cool!

Image of the happy terror sign coming...

UPDATE: Took me a while to find - but here is out happy sign. Not a live photo, unfortunately, but I think this might have to do...