Saturday, January 17, 2004

Growing Influence of Blogs

Most online versions of newspapers don't yet provide even the most rudimentary blog-like links in their articles. It doesn't seem like it'd be that difficult, right? And think how useful it'd be. It'd be, well, almost as useful as a blog. Well, I just noticed that an article from the New York Times, Washington Bureau, has started linking the words 'President Bush' to the Times' Bush Campaign 2004 page.

This blog-like linking behavior of the Times comes on the heals of a set of articles that continue to point to the growing popularity and influence of blogs. Daily KOS has been featured in the San Francisco Chronicle, and other articles continue to make their way into the mainstream press, often still having to introduce exactly what a blog is. It sure would be a lot easier to explain what a blog is if a reader was able to click on a link and go to one of the top blogs out there - like Atrios for liberals or Instapundit for Republicans.

May not be much, but it's a start.

UPDATE: Another article, this one from the 'Health - AP' (??) - on the influence of blogs. What's up with Mr. GOP's slam against bloggers? My guess is he doesn't realize there are Instapundits in the blogosphere. Ignat.