Thursday, January 08, 2004

Those Loser Border Guards

Having crossed the Canadian/U.S. border several times before and after 9/11, I've had the pleasure of many run-ins with the border guards - both U.S. and Canadian - who seem to take triumphant joy in humiliating and badgering all who dare to cross into their land. It's as outrageous as these 'guards' are pathetic. I ran across a good story that I would say is fairly typical.

Shoot, I remember one time I didn't think I was going to get back into the U.S. - and I'm a citizen! So, enjoy the reading. So happy that Brazil started badgering entering U.S. passengers. Hopefully the whole world will soon have to put up with loser border guards until someone of true power gets strip-searched, and things finally change. That will happen - it's just a matter of time - so let's hope it's some stodgy, old, rich, white guy from the Bush Administration who gets strip-searched and is revealed to be wearing women's panties. Doh! :D

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