Saturday, January 31, 2004

The Washington Post - Timely Reporting When You Need It Most

It's a blustery winter January morning here in DC, so I strap the Timbs up, get out the puffy coat and alla that, and head out for the Metro. On the way I see our beloved local/wanna-be-respected newspaper, The Washington Post. My eyes are directed to the headline, then the sub-headline...and then my eyes squint up, my forehead furrows, and my head turns awkwardly to the side like a dog who is just baffled by whatever it is you are trying to communicate to him.

Water in D.C. Exceeds EPA Lead Limit. Random Tests Last Summer Found High Level in 4,000 Home Throughout City. Water in D.C. Exceeds blah blah blah. Random Tests Last Summer Found High blah blah blah. Random Test Last Summer... Last Summer?! Last f***in' summer?!! The article begins:

Tap water in thousands of District houses has recently tested above the federal limit for lead contamination, a new phenomenon that has baffled the D.C. Water and Sewer Authority and forced the agency to begin replacing service pipes.

Recently? Recently, mother-f****r?! Let me come down there to the Post and recently put a foot up your ass, recently. So, it looks like the D.C. Water and Sewer Authority waited three months to start letting residents know about the contamination, and then the Washington Post waited three months to let the rest of D.C. know about it. Nice.

Find a pdf of the front page here.

UPDATE: High-ranking manager who reported lead problems to EPA fired... More...